Intake and follow-up – Tandartspraktijk Kampveld – Delft

Tandartspraktijk Kampveld- Uw tandarts in Delft

Onze moderne praktijk in het centrum van Delft staat open voor nieuwe patiënten.

Intake and follow-up

A first meeting is important for a good start. We do not carry out treatment yet , but we do our best to carefully map out the situation of your teeth. Good documentation is the basis for a good plan. A plan for healthy and beautiful teeth in the long term.

  1. Sign up:

You can sign up as a patient by phone or via the Sign Up link on this website.

If you have registered as a new patient on the website, we will contact you to make an intake appointment.

On your first visit you will need to identify yourself with a valid ID card.

A good start is important, so it would be useful to have your patient file from your previous dentist.

  1. Introduction & Anamnesis :

During this first meeting we will give you an impression of our practice and working methods. Then we discuss your personal, dental and medical situation. What is your goal with regard to your teeth? What are your wishes? What are your complaints?

  1. Oral examination :

Next, we take a comprehensive look in the mouth and check for cavities, gums, wear, function and aesthetics.

  1. X-ray examination :

With the naked eye it is difficult to fully assess all aspects of the teeth. By looking from the inside with an x-ray, we can clearly see if there are cavities teeth/molars. In addition, a x-ray allows us to assess the condition of the jawbone.

  1. Follow-up :

Based on the above examination, the dentist will make a diagnosis and treatment(s) will be discussed with you.

If there are extensive treatments, the dentist can make a treatment plan for you. Taking into account your wishes, various alternatives and possibilities can then be discussed with you. In addition, if desired, one or more cost estimates can be made with different options. If necessary, you can submit these to your insurer. You are responsible for what the insurance will or will not reimburse.

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