Dental emergencies – Tandartspraktijk Kampveld – Delft

Tandartspraktijk Kampveld- Uw tandarts in Delft

Onze moderne praktijk in het centrum van Delft staat open voor nieuwe patiënten.

Dental emergencies

Not all complaints and problems fall under the heading of “emergency”. A dropped filling, loose (emergency) crown or (emergency) bridge, while inconvenient and sensitive, are not emergencies. Make an appointment with your own dentist during regular opening hours. You may wish to take a painkiller.

Emergencies are:

  • Acute tooth or molar pain, where ordinary painkillers do not work sufficiently.
  • Swelling (with or without pain) of the cheek, gums or lip.
  • Post-extraction bleeding of a tooth.
  • Knocked out, broken or chipped tooth(s), as a result of trauma.

Emergency cases are basically complaints whose treatment cannot reasonably be delayed until the next day or until after the weekend.

For such urgent complaints, please contact us directly during working hours on: 015-2121580. We will then try to give you an appointment the same day. This arrangement applies to our regular patients, i.e. patients who come for a check-up 2x a year and are not in arrears.

In the evening and in the weekend you can contact, Dental 365 Spoed Tandarts Den Haag, at phone number 070-2040010.